H Type Load Scaffolding System (Below-Beam)


Table Type Heavy Load Scaffolding System is a highly endurable carrier system whose main carrier is consisting of frames. The main carrier frames are made of 60 x 3 mm steel pipes and Diagonal components are made of 34 x 2 mm pipes. With the diagonal elements in various sizes in order to fix the frames, which are manufactured in sizes of B:1500 / h:1100 mm / b:1500 / h:1500 mm / b :1500 / h:1800 mm, it is easy to construct movable scaffoldings in various widths. PortiTable laying formwork facilitates 3 different applications with its fewer and easy-to-install components. 
 *Table Formwork 
 *Formwork scaffolding 
 *Ladder tower 
 The system consists of upper ad lower parts when used as Table Type Laying Below-Beam Scaffolding. The upper part consists of Plywood, an Auxiliary Carrier (Grid), a Main Carrier (Ridge) and a Four-Way Head. Plywood is connected to the auxiliary carriers by means of screws. The auxiliary carriers are fixed on the main carriers by holed wooden connection components. Four-Way Heads (jacked or piped) are fixed on main carrier girders by connection components and then the upper part is formed. The lower adjusting shafts are connected to the frames by Jack Clips. The lower part is formed by inserting Diagonals into locked pins over the frames as well. The Table Type Scaffolding is completed by interconnecting the upper and lower parts by means of Pins and Wedges.

This is a highly endurable carrier system whose main carrier is consisting of H frames. It consists of diagonal connection components that connect the frame elements and frames in a stable manner. By connecting the frames one over the other, a tower can be obtained in desired height.