Floor Panel


There are two types of panel production as laying concrete formwork; Sheet Curling Panel and Sheet Frame Wooden Panel. Sheet curling panels are made of 2 mm and 2.5 mm thick sheet by curling method. As they are 15 x 100 cm, 20 x 100 cm, 25 x 100 cm, 30 x 100 cm and 50 x 100 cm in sizes as standard, special production is also available tailor made to demands and projects. 
The Ridge Head enables carrying of laying panels by being mounted on girder wings. The Sheet Wooden Panels are made of 2.5 mm sheet and 50 x 100cm in size as a frame. The Panel is formed by placing wooden products 2 cm thickness into the frame. In case of wear out of wooden products, the replacement is considerably easy and they are also practical in carrying and application with their weight of 4.6 kg/unit.