Tunnel Formwork


 • Foundation formworks
 • Multi - purpose portable wall formworks
 • Parapet formworks
 • Prefabricated and Stairway formworks
 • Anchorage elements
   The tunnel formwork system is a steel formwork system that ensures the laying of base concrete and wall concrete simultaneously and in which the surfaces subject to concrete are made of sheet metal. The tunnel formwork system allows 500 times concrete laying works depending on the utilization conditions, minimizes the cost of formworks, maximizes the safety measures of workers thanks to the scaffolding system used and allows concrete laying every single day. 
     The tunnel formwork system can be used in the construction of Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Correctional Facilities and Dormitories, which have monolithic structures. By the virtue of this system, it is easy to lay one layer of concrete every day or every two days depending on the magnitude of building. Buildings constructed with the tunnel formwork system are the buildings that become economic and resistant to earthquakes, and in which the construction errors and the cost of fine structure labors are minimized.
- With one set of formwork, 500 times laying works can be fulfilled in the same project. 
 - Low cost adaptation to the other similar projects can be provided by adding new formworks and by repairing the older formworks. 
 - Since it is managed by a limited number of highly qualified foremen, their assistants and regular workers, it ensures significant cost saving in labor costs. 
 - The cost of financing the construction capital is considerably decreased since it speeds up the construction period compared to the classical systems. 
 - When the work is done or the formworks become old enough not to be used any more, they still have a tradable economic value. 
 - It is a formwork system that allows the contractor to lay wall and slab concrete at a time on a daily basis. Therefore, one layer can be constructed with a set of formwork everyday.
 - It can be laid up in the spans required by the project. It can easily be worked in the spans varying from 1.5 meters to 6.5 meters.
 - It is the most reliable system, which is well known to be resistant against earthquakes. This characteristic has been proven once more against the Marmara Earthquake in August 1999. Likewise, it is the most reliable system against severe winds and storms. 
 - In the event of applying the scaffolding systems perfectly that complete the formwork, it ensures considerably successful results in terms of work safety. 
 - It is fire resistant.
 - It guarantees factory tracker system to be applied in the construction site by a well planned organization. 
 - It provides convenience in application of electrical works and plumbing. 
 - It can be particularly used in construction of residential buildings, and hotels, dormitories, correctional facilities, military posts and other buildings where it will reduce multiple laying work costs. 
 - It can be repaired for minor damages by welding foremen. 
 - It ensures the correct application and the completion of the Project in start-up quality. 
 - It is possible to build up to 40 storey buildings by laying the wall concrete a little thinner on upper storey. 
 - Since the measurement errors are almost nonexisting during the production, it provides convenience in the applications of precast facade wall and panel interior wall. 
 - Since very smooth concrete surfaces are obtained from the formwork surfaces, wallpaper covering and painting works are carried out by minimum costs such that there is no need for plastering after concrete. 
 - It is known to be environmentally friendly as no wooden material is used. 
 - Heating and air conditioning costs are considerably less compared to the conventional buildings. 
It is implemented according to the mounting plans that are prepared appropriate to your project under the survey of our personnel.